Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Recommitment Time!

The recommitment deadline is on Monday (Aug 16).  Basically, recommitment is where you register for the race, hotel, flights etc...and commit yourself to paying any outstanding required fundraising if you fail to meet the minimum by the cut-off in early Oct.   I do have my fundraising minimum met on paper - I am just waiting for a couple of cheques from fundraising companies for the magazines and tupperware and once that is submitted - I am all good.   So my credit card won't be charged when the time comes.   Now I can just concentrate on my training and in trying to meet my overall goal of $6500 that I set for myself!

It is very exciting to be sending this paperwork in to Team in Training.  With less than 70 days until the race - it is starting to feel VERY close.   I have booked the flights for Cam and I, and have booked our hotel for the one night we want to stay in Silicon Valley being geeks before everyone else arrives.   The hotel we are staying in in San Fran is walking distance from the Starting Line and is close to all of the race weekend excitement!  I truly can't wait!

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