Thursday, May 6, 2010

C25K Graduation Day!

Well, I guess I can officially call myself a runner as of today.   Back in Late February, I started a "learn to run" program called Couch to 5K.  It took me a little longer than the 9 weeks it is laid out for because I ended up battling bursitis in my knee for a couple of weeks (once from improper shoes while I waited for my new shoes to arrive and once from pushing myself to increase mileage too quickly - 2 important running lessons learned right there)...but today I finished the last run of the program :)  YAY!

I must say, the support I found for this program was incredible.  They have a great Facebook group where you can check in and it is so inspiring to read the stories and be cheered on by everyone from various stages in the program!   It gives you a great deal of incentive to stick with it and become a runner!  If someone had told me at the start of the year that by the start of May I would be running 40 mins without a break, I'd have laughed in their face!   But now, with a reason to keep going, I am proud to call myself a runner (and the almost 30lbs I've lost since the start of the year helps as well)!  

I jumped the gun a little and bought myself a little graduation present a week early - a Garmin GPS running watch! :)  Now I will know my pace and distance and be able to track my improvements over time!  I think it is going to become my new favourite fitness toy!

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